1. Donna Young

Sometimes credited as: Dona Desmond / Donna Desmond / Dawna Rae / Donna Revere

2. Jabie Abercrombe

3. Janet Newell

4. Margie Lanier

5. Maria Arnold

Sometimes credited as: Marie Arlo / Marie Arnold / Maria Aronoff / Trish Avis / Maria Jamison / Tina La Wise / Natasha / Carie South / Franki Rider

6. Nicolle Riddell

Sometimes credited as: Niccole Riddell / Nicole Riddell

7. Rene Bond

Sometimes credited as: Renee Bond / Ren

8. Sunny Boyd

Sometimes credited as: Threda Bara / Carol Dempsey / Patty Maldt / Eve Orlon / Regina Ramsey / Lois Reed

9. Tallie Cochrane

Movie title:

"Five Loose Women"

... aka "De Gevangenis der hete Poezen", "Le p�©nitencier des chattes chaudes", "As Fugitivas", "Tytt�¶jengin pako", "Filles en cavale", "Athistaktes Satanathes tis Asphaltou", "Dokhtaran e Farari", "5 Mujeres violentas", "Fugitive Girls", "5 Loose Women", "Hot on the Trail", "Women's Penitentiary VIII" and "Women's Penitentiary 8"

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Zara Whites in 'Joy à Hong Kong'
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